Lawn Maintenance Services

Property Services Industries (PSI) is well known in the St. Louis metropolitan area for its commercial concrete and facility maintenance services. We are now offering lawn maintenance services for both residential and commercial clients.

Most home and business owners recognize the importance of a healthy, thriving lawn. In addition to improving curb appeal, a properly cared for lawn can increase a property's value, making consistent lawn maintenance a must. 

Why Professional Lawn Maintenance Services Are Important 

Healthy lawns are more than a product of good weed control and fertilization. Proper mowing and trimming avoids scalping the turf or disturbing the soil, leading to weed issues. Hiring a professional lawn maintenance service will help protect and preserve your investment.

The lawn care team at PSI understands Missouri's soil conditions, weather, and environmental conditions. With that knowledge, our crews provide expert services that will improve your lawn's overall health and appearance. 

What Sets PSI Lawn Maintenance Apart from the Competition?

Effective mowing involves more than just operating machinery. Our crews pay attention to the weather, rainfall, and other conditions that impact your lawn. 

  • We mow "as needed" depending on local weather conditions and the growing season. 

  • We vary cutting directions to prevent "tracks" or patterns in your grass.

  • We adjust mowing height according to current conditions, including temperature and rainfall.

  • Our equipment is well maintained to ensure clean cuts and less turf stress.

Our Lawn Maintenance Services Include

Lawn Mowing

The frequency of mowing depends on the season, the type of turf, aesthetic preferences, and the amount of growth. Along with mowing, we edge along walkways and flower beds to give your property a neat, finished appearance. Then we either use a blower or broom to clean up the clippings and leave your yard looking crisp and clean. 

Seasonal Yard Cleanups

Spring and fall cleanup services can affect everything from the value of your home to the health of your lawn. Debris can impact your lawn's ability to absorb oxygen, leaving your lawn struggling to survive even in the best of conditions. Leaves and debris can also be a breeding ground for pests, including insects and rodents. 

Spring Yard Cleanup Services

The winter months can be tough on lawns and landscaping. Early spring is an ideal time to clean up your yard. Leaf and debris removal, including fallen branches, trimming hedges, pruning shrubs, and general lawn cleanup, prepares your lawn for the summer months ahead. Your yard will be ready for the growing season with professional cleanup services.

Fall Yard Cleanup Services

Fall yard work can be a lot of work, and raking leaves is time-consuming and back-breaking. The lawn care experts at PSI will remove leaves and other debris from your yard. We can customize our leaf removal services based on your specific needs. We'll ensure your yard looks its best before winter weather arrives.

Trust PSI Lawn Maintenance Services

Property Services Industries (PSI) has been in business for over 20 years, serving St. Charles, St. Louis, and surrounding areas. PSI's lawn care team offers lawn maintenance services to residential and commercial customers throughout St. Charles County.

PSI Lawn Maintenance specializes in weekly mowing programs throughout St. Charles, St. Peters, O'Fallon, and the surrounding areas. If you're looking for a quality lawn mowing team this season, give Jon Jones a call at (636) 236-2474 today for a free quote.