March 18, 2020

The owners of this property wanted a rear patio with a separate seating area. Currently there was a small pad off the sliding doors of the home. The back yard was very nice but if fell off quickly in both directions. Mowing the terrace was not a fun task.

The owners discussed their needs and ideas with Matt at PSI and the following layout was finalized. As you will see, the layout tuned out exceptionally well for their needs and it is unique! A retaining wall was built on the terrace sides. From the sliding doors a larger patio was built that leads into a circular sitting area surrounded by planting area.

The owners are very satisfied. They are now waiting on plants, furniture, BBQ grill and the seating area will have some type of fire pit. Yes, mowing should be a lot easier.


PCSA before (1)
PCSA before (2)


PCSA during (3)
PCSA during (4)
PCSA during (5)
PCSA during (6)


PCSA after (7)
PCSA after (8)
PCSA after (9)
PCSA after (10)
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