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Official Cornhole Court Project

The Property Manager for this complex asked PSI to install a Cornhole Court on their property. The manager wanted a fix court with very little maintenance and one that the landscaping crew did not have to maintain.

PSI did the research and came up with a game plan; level the ground for the playing field, framed the perimeter and pour a 4” thick concrete pad. After cure, we applied a commercial grade of AstroTurf on the newly prepared surface. The edges were tucked and sealed, and dirt / seed was backfilled.

On a nice day, one can always pick up a good game of Cornhole on this court. Sometimes the guys at PSI enjoy a good fun job!


CHA before (1)


CHA during (2)
CHA during (3)
CHA during (4)
CHA during (5)


CHA completed (6)
CHA completed (7)

Loading Dock Concrete Replacement

This warehouse facility had PSI remove fifteen (15) + sections of the old concrete and replace with new concrete leading up to one (1) extra-large dock door. The concrete was formed-up in large sections, 4” of gravel, rebar mat and then 12” reinforced,  high strength concrete was poured. The concrete has a broom finish. PSI added a concrete terrace from the upper loading dock area to the lower loading dock area. A heavy-duty metal railing was installed along the edge of the terrace and two (2) Bollards were installed at each corner of the load dock door. The final step of the project included installing flexible joint compound to all expansion joints.

WH LD (1)
WH LD (2)

Patio and Sunshade Area

The Property Manager for this complex asked PSI to create a patio and sunshade area adjacent to the complex activities (club house, grilling, seating and pool area.

The property manager and PSI came up with the ideas that included a concrete patio, decorative columns that supports the sunshades and a pergola. The location is adjacent to the other activities and the approval was given to the project.

PSI’s crew jumped in and completed this Patio and Sunshade Area.

On a given day, groups can enjoy all the surrounding activities in the shade!


SS before (2)


SS during (3)
SS during (4)
SS during (5)
SS during (6)
SS during (7)


SS completed (8)
SS completed (9)

Asphalt Repairs / Patches

PSI is a Concrete Contractor and a Facility Maintenance Company. However, to keep our Facility Maintenance Managers happy, we do small asphalt repairs. Sometimes the job is just to small for asphalt contractors. When the repair is to large, we will recommend an Asphalt Contractor for you.

Ashphalt Repairs (1)
Asphalt Repairs (2)
Asphalt Repairs (3)

Dumpster Enclosures and Pads

Facility Managers are constantly calling PSI to make repairs, upgrades and new installations for their dumpster sites. PSI can do all the necessary services from, new concrete pads, different types of enclosures from fences to more aesthetic finishes. Bollards can be installed to protest the corners from being damaged. You have an idea; we can probably fulfill your needs. 

Dumpster Enclosure

dumpster enclosure - before (1)
dumpster enclosure - before (2)
dumpster enclosure - after (3)
dumpster enclosure - after (4)

Dumpster Enclosure & Pad

dumpster enclosure & pad (1)
dumpster enclosure & pad (2)

Dumpster Enclosure

dumpster enclosure
dumpster enclosure (9)

Fabricated Metal Handrails, Ladders, Steps and more….

PSI can fabricate and install all types of custom metal components for your facility. The components are fabricated from engineering drawings or from your concepts and dimensions will be established at your site. Fabrication can be done in our facility or at your site. PSI can also repair / modify your existing components or add a fresh coat of paint. PSI provides handrails to meet all ADA specifications. PSI can fabricate, bend and weld most types of steel and will finish to your specification by priming, spray painting or powder coated to your desired color. If you don’t see the type of fabrication you need, please ask us.


handrails (0)
handrails (1)
handrails (2)
handrails (3)
handrails (4)
handrails (5)
handrails (7)
handrails (8)
handrails (9)
handrails (10)
handrails (11)
handrails (12)
handrails (13)
handrails (14)
handrails (15)
handrails (16)
handrails (17)
handrails (18)
handrails (19)
handrails (21)
Handrails (18)
Handrails (19)
Handrails (20)
Handrails (21)
Handrails (15)
Handrails (16)
Handrails (17)


stairs (1)
stairs (2)


Stairs - before (3)


Stairs - after (2)

Side Project Brewery – Sunshade

The owners of the brewery wanted to provide outside seating at their facility, so they call us to get some ideas. They wanted a simple solution to provide a shaded area. A Sunshade was the solution! PSI poured piers, fabricated and installed custom steel poles at each corner and installed the Sunshade.


Side Project Brewing - sun shade - before
Side Project Brewing - sun shade - before


Side Project Brewing - sun shade - after
Side Project Brewing - sun shade - after

Charlack City Hall – Project

The officials from the municipality requested a bid to refurbish the rear entrance to the City Hall. PSI started by demoing the concrete porch floor, handrails, roof supports, stairs and garage door. During construction, the porch roof was supported by wood framework. A new concrete porch floor, metal roof supports, handrails, steps with handrails, blocked up garage door opening and finished off with new concrete adjacent to steps and in front of block wall.



Completed Project

North County Church

The advisers for the church had several objectives to  to fulfill for the parishioners. The concrete sections were broken, water stood in areas, sidewalks were small, water leaked into the building and the steps from the parking lot were unsafe.  PSI took all these problems into account when tear out and regrading the area. Now the parishioners have a properly graded areas,  drain pipes installed from roof gutters to storm sewers, larger concrete areas for better access into building and wide steps from parking lot with proper handrails.  


Completed Project

St. Charles Public School

The school districts objective was to replace the deteriorated sidewalks around the school building. PSI started by removing the cracked asphalt adjacent to the building and tore out the uneven sidewalks. For water shed, the grounds were regraded away from the building. New wider concrete sidewalks were installed to handle more students and faculty. As you can see, all jobs are back-filled, fertilized, seeded and covered with straw.

After                                                                                                                                  Before                                                                                                          

Before                                                                                                                                  After