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Greg Ransom’s Patio and Steps

The customer wanted to finish off the patio area below his upper deck. We discussed several options  with Greg and ended up installing radius steps from his driveway down to a seating area and from there we installed a nice size concrete patio with a broom finish across the entire rear of his home. A great addition to a beautiful home and back yard.

Upper Patio & Radius Steps

Completed Patios

I can’t say enough good things about PSI. My biggest concern was picking a company that would complete the work that was agreed on and finish it in a timely manner. I didn’t want to get started on the job and have them leave my job for others until mine was completed. I was assured that would not happen and it didn’t. They had to work around the rain a few days but were at my house every day that weather allowed. The job was completed in the highest quality way. The workers were professional and polite every day they were at my house. Everything was cleaned up when they left.

PSI has done work for my mother, and other neighbors on my street and they are all very happy with them. Their attention to detail and the quality of work is what will make me use them again. I have more work that needs to be done and I will absolutely use PSI. I can say that I would very much recommend them to anyone else that is looking for a quality company to do concrete work."

Greg Ransom

Beckemeier’s Residential Project

The customer had so many ideas and PSI was able to accommodate them. The original brick porch, steps and sidewalk had to go but by request we had to do a two (2) color stencil and stamp pattern to bring the original brick look back to life. The driveway went from a single car to oversize two car, additional parking below with a great area to play basketball. With a few more additions; basketball pole footing and a retaining wall, this project was complete!

Front Porch (before & after)

Sidewalk (before & after)


Driveway, Parking & Hoop Area

Completed Project from Back Yard

PSI did a wonderful job on our new driveway, sidewalk and front porch. Matt and his whole team are extremely professional and knowledgeable. Not only that but Matt is very skilled at listening to his clients, understanding what they are trying to accomplish and recommending the best solution. He has excellent attention to detail which makes all the difference in these types of projects. He had so many good ideas including; creating a place for our trash cans, extending the driveway width for a great place to park cars and, most notably, a stenciling technique on our front sidewalk and porch that looks incredible!! We get compliments every week on how amazing our new cement work looks. The driveway has been such a great addition to our house and our children use this new outdoor space all of the time. We are extremely pleased with everything Matt and his team did and I cannot recommend them enough."

Jim and Megan Beckemeier

Ryan Byrd’s Patio

The customer wanted a patio that covered entire back side of his home. The patio had to extend out for the steps coming from the upper deck area. So, the front of the patio has some smooth curves, with a finished edge poured with exposed aggregate finish. The customer picked an Iowa Glacial color. A sealer was applied to bring out the color and protect the finish. The customer is finishing the landscaping.


Completed Project

Matt and the entire crew did a wonderful job on our aggregate patio! They were very professional throughout the entire process, and the level of craftsmanship was impressive. Everything from putting plastic up to cover over-splash from the pour, to putting boards down to protect my lawn was much appreciated. Even my neighbor, who is hard to impress, went out of his say how friendly the crew was and how good the finished product looks. I would definitely recommend PSI and will look to them first for future concrete needs."

Ryan Byrd

Parking Lot Replacement

The City of Creve Coeur Fire Department badly need to replace their deteriorated parking lot. The fire chief wanted the area to be stronger to withstand the weight of the newer firetrucks.  PSI tore out the old area, regraded, compacted area, set in 1/2" re bar on 2' centers and poured 12" thick concrete, scored/grooved and finished to specification. 



Kathy Goossen’s Driveway

The customer had a great vision of how they wanted the project to turn out. Besides a complete tear out of the driveway and entrance to garage, they wanted to extend the driveway and add a walkway to their back patio. We removing the sharp corners and installed radius es and curves edges around the flower garden and walkway back to the rear patio. 


Completed Project

PSI redesigned and replaced our driveway and walkway of approximately 2,200 sq. ft. They did an amazing job! Friends, family and neighbors have raved about the workmanship. I have recommended them to several people whom I hope have contacted PSI. They not only did a superb job bust used great care with our landscaping as well as our personal property in all areas, leaving the property in pristine condition. If you want it done right this is definitely the company to use."

Kathy Goossens

Industrial Down Draft Paint Booths and Flooring

This automotive customer wanted to install several down draft paint booths during the new construction of their building. The ground excavation, framing of the pits and tunnels went very well. Next, PSI poured and finished the concrete for the down draft paint booths. Flooring is next and then PSI turns it over to the general contractor. 




Different Types of Concrete Finishes

Broom Finish

Slick Finish

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Stenciled Concrete

Concrete Slab Replacement for all 30 Dock Doors

This project included the tear out and replacement of all concrete sections in front of 30 dock doors. The customer requested thicker slabs with a higher psi yield strength for longer life. The schedule of replacement was coordinated with the shipping manager to minimize truck traffic and the loading and unloading of trucks.

West County Retaining Wall, Patio and Sidewalk

This customer wanted to refresh the outside living space in the rear of their home. This required some clean up, removal of stone pavers, sidewalk and tree trimming. PSI also repaired, extended, power washed and sealed their retaining wall.  Next we added a new concrete patio and sidewalk with a broom finish and a wooden fence/gate at the end of the patio. The customer now has a much more functional and private back yard area.

 Before                                                                                                                                After

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